X-HUB – Creative Business Incubator is an initiative conceived by the Khuzula team during the COVID-19 pandemic and the first initiative of its kind in Mozambique and Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa.

This creative incubator based in Maputo, in a cosmopolitan city par excellence which brings together people from different cultures and nationalities, aims to contribute to the accelerated development of the local creative economy with a futuristic projection.

Currently, in Mozambique, as well as throughout Lusophone Africa, there is no integrated center for the development of professional skills in cultural and creative businesses, so the X HUB appears to fill the gap in this sector.

X-Hub provides a space for creation, access to skills training and mentoring for creative businesses, widening the network of contacts and access to a wide range of services and shared infrastructure with the aim of increasing the value and visibility of creative products and services, advice on which services and products can better meet your needs in the national and international market.

A physical space will be provided with common areas available for creative professionals to work and collaborate. From musical performances, to art exhibitions, workshops and video and music production studios, the Hub will host a wide range of activities aimed at bringing new dynamics to the local creative economy.

The creative incubator will have high-speed internet and a space for meetings and catering. The place can also be used for events, something that is essential for artists who need to organize releases, press conferences, presentations, among others.

The X Hub incubator is an initiative of Khuzula, in partnership with The Music In Africa Foundation (MIAF) and Goethe-Institut South Africa. The project is part of the Sound Connects Fund, which is implemented by MIAF in partnership with the Goethe-Institute and made possible with funding from the ACP-EU Culture Program with co-financing from the Goethe-Institut. Siemens Stiftung, a founding partner of MIAF, is also a partner of the fund.