ART Exhibition

Holding an art exhibition that provides an incredible experience for the audience requires a lot of preparation and attention to detail. Through the X-Hub finds the space for events for rent to make its exhibition, being it exhibition of paintings, drawings, sculptures, videos, among others.

It is important to remember that this place is easily accessible so that visitors coming from different regions can easily reach the exhibition.

X-HUB Talks

X-Talks are periodic meetings curated by X-HUB, which aims to simplify access to information and music culture through series of lectures.

The music lectures promote the development of musical knowledge at various levels, covering different genres and themes from classical to modern organized by a professional musician or speaker, each meeting is oriented to topics, presented with media, visual material and appropriate instruments.


X-HUB Live

X-HUB- live Live music performances are part of X-HUB's goals of hosting and nurturing musicians of all levels and encouraging them to create original content and performances that truly reflect their identity.

X-HUB – regularly hosts local and international musicians, supports experimental and original musical projects and allows music enthusiasts to experience different genres and styles.


X-HUB PODCAST is an X-HUB program that aims to develop podcasts on content related to the creative industry, especially music.

incubacao (1)


It is an X-HUB program that aims to develop artists in the music industry.

The goal is to have a group of artists, using workspace in a networking environment, creating a creative temperament dedicated to the activities that have as raw material the imagination and artistic creativity, associated with skill and talent.